In seafood, the goal has already been determined by the biodiversity, people and tradition.
We serve things as they are. We don’t change them into something else. After all, it’s not seafood cuisine; it’s seafood.

Ouriçaria is the seafood kitchen by Nuno Nobre. Passionate about the seafood and fishing since he was a child by the hand of his father, from an early age he joined this connection with the marine ecosystem to his professional activity as a consultant in the areas of food & travel.

Our menus is an ever-evolving rotation of seafood depending on what’s in season to bring you the freshest dishes, sea air flavours and tailor-made experiences.

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Crafted in a classic style with respect to the product and tradition, specializing in sea urchins and all we can fish sustainably from the sea.


Classic menus, seafood tasting, fine dining, popups, private cook service, woodfire kitchen, live cooking and masterclasses.


From idea to impact such as the Sea Urchin Festival, Ouriceira Mar, Sea Butchery Academy, Faina Experiences, and others in development.