Is more than giving advice, is all about strategy and connection to the governance, economic agents, industry players, markets and consumers. Consultants are problem solvers and great simplifiers. NNC develops consulting projects, services and new business, from idea to impact, throughout a self-developed hierarchy of purposes; clarity about goals influences an engagement’s success. Strategy is the way.


Gastronomy gives destinations an identity.
NNC creates and transforms cultural and gastronomic tourism ideas into impactful projects to strengthen the identity and competitiveness of destinations. Strategies in line with international sustainable tourism trends to recover and enhance the gastronomic culture and food heritage of people and territories. Because tradition was also innovation once.


Experience marketing is a strategy that uses in-person events to promote products, services and a really good consumer experience, increasing your customer value optimization. Food concept pop-ups, village immersive experiences or fisherman’s legendary engagement, for example. Each of these events is experience marketing at work designed and tailor made to allow people to familiarize themselves with a product before experience or purchasing it.


Storydoing is the action that adds up when telling. It is not enough to tell the story, it is necessary to build and live them. Does your brand or business have a story to share? Great. Do the right people know it? NNC media experts combine creativity with great storytelling to get your voice heard. We get results in the media and places that matter most to your business.


Research and development for a better future. NNC makes its mark with innovations that count – innovations that are not merely new but actually redefine market standards as new products, solutions, or services. Because without innovation there is no added value and without added value, there is no competitiveness.


Knowledge and proven experience matters.
NNC advisory services leaves their clients with a new and often broader perspective as problem definers. At our best, NNC advice and contribute to strengthening the clients capacity to solve their own problems and can provide an early-warning about emerging problems.