Nuno is an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of international experience. He has a varied set of skills with a focus on strategymanagement consulting and project management.
In the last years, driven by the wish to explore opportunities in the food and travel industries, he has also sought to specialize in that field as a consultant in sustainable food systems and gastronomy tourism.

Nuno is passionate about advancing food literacy, human rights and culinary diplomacy. Likes to follow high professional standards, lead by example and believes that the main keys to success include a solid set of values, teamwork and a good marketing mix.

Wherever in the world, Nuno develop consulting projects that set businesses up for tomorrow,from pioneering iniciatives to preserve biodiversity and food culture heritage, to designing local economic growth or educational development programs. The role: shape the future to make an impact on society, help clients be at the forefront of innovation and prepare markets for trends.